Fear Doesn’t Define You

Fearing Failure

Fear. It’s something we all experience. We experience fear differently based on the individual and situation. You feel shame when it limits you and self doubt when it hits. Sweaty hands and a racing heart. Sometimes it’s just us questioning are you ready or are you actually good enough to succeed. You may feel that the fear is all you’ll ever know. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t define you. I will be honest, overcoming fear is a lifelong battle and can be a difficult thing to power through. The key is every time you feel fear it’s an opportunity to grow. If you fail or succeed you improve. Even the best baseball players in the world fail more often than they succeed. 

From Ashamed to Empowerment

A few weeks ago I told myself that I would ask to join a random group of strangers over beer. I felt fear and made excuses. I was ashamed I couldn’t do something so simple as saying “hello, mind if I joined”? All the progress I’ve made socially and I couldn’t even do that. A friend that I really look up to reminded me that we are all afraid of something. I took that as a sign that overcoming my fear might inspire them to do the same. The next weekend I decided to grab a beer at a local brewery. It was a nice day so I was outside and it was perfect because it wasn’t too loud. Opportunity to grow was knocking and I didn’t give myself time to think about it and just went for it. After the initial fear I was pleasantly surprised that they included me in the conversation like an old friend. When we went our separate ways I realized what I did. Interestingly, I felt comfortable and empowered. It wasn’t the beer because I didn’t drink much. It was me.

Stronger than you Know

One failure isn’t the end. Don’t let fear and shame define you. I know I don’t have the courage to do that all the time but that doesn’t mean I am a failure. However, I’m only human and I will never stop growing. You’re not a failure for not having everything figured out. Sometimes a little faith is required whether that be god, some other higher power, or yourself. Trust that your learning and you have the strength. Be kind to others but most importantly be kind to yourself. After all, you’re stuck with yourself

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