Mutual Inspiration


Do you have friends that you aspire to be like? Or maybe have qualities you wished you possessed? I don’t mean in an envious or jealous way, but rather you respect that person that you wish to be more like them. Sometimes, I feel we forget our own qualities that we don’t realize those friends might feel the same way. You have positive qualities that your friends admire otherwise why do they choose to be around you? 

A Brother

I have a friend that is one of my many acquired brothers. Over the years I have collected brothers and sisters. I don’t have friends I have family. Honestly I’m like a cockroach because they can’t seem to get rid of me. Anyways, I really am inspired by this friend because of how far they came. The ease at which this dude navigates social situations surprises the hell out of me. Seeing his success motivates and inspires me to engage more socially. Recently they told me that I inspire them so much that they said I’m a big reason for starting a podcast. Speaking of which you can follow it on YouTube here on Thatz Game Boi. I ended up inspiring a friend who inspired me. If you’re that friend you know who you are. Keep being your badass self.

The Mighty Mouse

Another friend of mine, let’s just call her Mighty Mouse, is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She sees her future and pursues it with a laser focus. It’s one of the reasons I keep writing and go back to school. She inspires me to keep growing and reach new heights. The best part about this person is whenever I doubt myself they don’t feel sorry for me. She does something better, reminds me of the best parts of me. She gives some of the best motivational talks that come from her lived experience. This friend also told me I inspire them. Apparently I am liked from wanting to help others based on who they are and not who they were. Also they are inspired by my journey of growth the last four years. 

Side note, I just realized they’re both capricorns. That’s a little funny.

Self Motivated

Look at the qualities in your friends you admire and look at yourself. What are the qualities they see in you? Are you naturally likeable, do you never give up, are you dedicated to a cause? There is a good chance it inspires. Write those qualities down and put where you can see it every morning. Not only that, remind your friends why they’re so awesome. It’s almost guaranteed they don’t always see it in themselves. We all need a little mutual inspiration from time to time. 

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