Never Stay Down

Never Stay Down

Sometimes we fall or get knocked down. We might even think that getting back up and moving almost seems impossible. Emotions take over and we either check out completely get stuck, caught up in our own self-pity. It causes us to feel lost. Though it doesn’t have to stay that way. At some point must make a decision to push through or stagnate.

How does one get back to their best self when it seems that part of ourselves is broken beyond repair? First of all, we need to assess the damage and have no regrets. Don’t regret the decisions that put you down, instead find a way to learn what you can. Understand the pain. Own it. Now that you know what you’re feeling, it’s time to dust off and get back going. When I lost the ability to physically feed myself, I withdrew from friends during lunch out of embarrassment. I finally had to look at what I was feeling and realize that it my friends found it a problem than they were not the people to get me through. I could have easily gave up and wallowed in my self pity my whole life. Luckily my friends did not make a big deal out of it and were just happy they had their friend back.

I realized that the embarrassment was just a feeling I created for not knowing how to cope with such a drastic change.

The next step is figuring out where you’re going to grow from there. Create a goal and stay disciplined in reaching that goal. Along the journey, you end up learning things about yourself you have never known before. A few months ago I had a crisis. I withdrew from friends and bottled everything that was bothering me. I took inventory of myself and decided to practice active listening as well as volunteering at a crisis line. I learned through myself, and others reminding me, that I am a great listener. I just wanted to fill my time helping others and it turns out I learned that I have a skill I was never confident I had. I tend to be my worst critic.

This brings me to the last step, and that is realizing your newfound knowledge to find your path forward. I want to repay all the kindness I’ve received from people throughout the years. I’ve been rather fortunate the way my life has turned out. Who knows, maybe good deeds get rewarded eventually. I know that I am a better, more motivated person when I feel like I’m making positive differences in people’s lives.

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